Egyptian Magic Miracle All Purpose Cream – Review



• Uses all natural ingredients
• Give’s a nice glow
• Mentioned in Look magazine

• Quite expensive – not great value for money.
• Oily consistency – wouldn’t use daily.

I decided to purchase this natural ingredient all purpose skin cream when I had read about it in Look magazine a month ago. Egyptian Magic caught my attention for a few reasons. Firstly I’m always trying to find a good all purpose cream, preferably a natural one. Egyptian Miracle combines together olive oil, bee pollen, beeswax, honey, royal jelly and Propolis extract.

Another reason I wanted to give it a go was because Look magazine had mentioned the Egyptian Magic all purpose cream was used by celebrities such as Cara Delevigne. Now of course these claims are not always true, but nevertheless I liked the mentioned ingredients and the fact that the product was natural, so I thought I’d give this cream a go. I’ve never really liked the idea of using products containing lots of artificial ingredients, and as the Egyptian Magic all purpose cream is all natural, this is a plus point.

Now I’ve been using Egyptian Magic all purpose cream for around a month now, and one good point is that it hasn’t finished yet. I thought it might have by now because my mum’s also been using it occasionally. I’m happy about this because the cream was quite pricey – I paid £21 for the cream. I was a little hesitant about this. I did a quick google search to work out where I could purchase the product for a good price, and in the end I ended up ordering the cream from Beauty Bay . My other option was to order from the product manufacturers themselves- the Egyptian Magic website, but Beauty Bay didn’t have a shipping fee which was more ideal. I have since found out that Liberty of London also appears to sell the product, but for £29 (which I wouldn’t consider myself). The Egyptian Magic website does provide quite a good amount of information on their website, claiming that the product can be used for almost anything. For dry skin, body, face, intimate areas’ and even on the scalp.

I found that the consistency of the cream is very oily, and I expected this as it does appear to contain a great amount of olive oil. For this reason I recommend that a little goes a long way. I didn’t use the cream everyday. As it contains olive oil I was a little worried too much may have a negative effect on my sensitive skin, especially since I’m prone to spots & occasional eczema rashes. So instead I would use the cream after baths and showers, to restore moisture. I found that applying a small amount of the cream to my face before I went to bed, gave me a nice glow the morning after. I know that many people would agree that it’s good to let your face absorb it’s own oil properties at night in order to improve elasticity and give you that glow. I felt that the Egyptian Magic cream encouraged this. Overall I didn’t really come to the opinion that the cream is great for parts of the body prone to very dry skin, i.e. feet, knees, elbows. I think that it’s best used as a little face mask and for moisture of the overall body after having a bath. I didn’t really notice much difference using the product on my scalp and hair before washing. I would prefer using pure olive oil for this. Maybe combining with some lemon juice or egg whites.

Egyptian magic does have a lovely, natural smell, however I’m still unsure as to whether I’d purchase the product again- mainly due to the fact that I’m still unsure about whether it’s good value for money.


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