Happy Father’s day…To all the Mothers who’ve played both roles.



( Image from http://www.muntsavicente.com/supersinglemum.html)

Today is Father’s day, and I congratulate and respect all the men who have been great fathers to their children.

And at the same time, I show the same, if even more respect for all the mothers who have had to play the role of not only mum, but dad too. Because there are a lot of amazing women who do find themselves put in that situation, and it’s damn hard. Not everyone will be able to relate to this feeling, however there are certainly a lot of people who will. You may not be a child of a “single mum”, you may in fact be someone who’s parents are married, but who’s father has never played a significant role in their lives. I have many friends who feel this way, and I know that it’s difficult, as it can leave you feeling upset and confused, with so many unanswered questions in your head. Some of my friends, or people I have had similar conversations with have discussed how although they have lived with both parents, their “family” has always felt like a false portrait of how they really are. A common issue being that many people have felt that their father’s have not ever attempted to bond with them or form a relationship. This leaves children and teenagers, or even grown adults feeling that they have done something wrong, but that is most certainly NOT the case. It’s never a child’s fault if you’ve just basically got a dead beat dad. Let’s just put it out there bluntly and truthfully. All parents owe it to their children to be the best parents they can be. 

Feel free to leave comments on your own experiences and thoughts.



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